Double Standard Applies in Barnaby Reports.

I’m struggling trying to get to truth accompanied some logic.

At the start of 2018 our nation was dragged through the ringer with the Gay Marriage referendum with the sanctity of marriage being aspoused buy the religious sector, how vital it was our society and beliefs and the damage that would happen if same sex was permitted wedlock.

Enter this Barnaby balloon and all of a sudden the same people are saying that sanctity is not all that important, as it’s just happens it’s one of their most outspoken supporters have a affair outside the sanctity.

Yes the double standard applies depending on who is playing the power game.

Playing private life vs public life cards have conveniently been played by the same people who attacked Gillards partner, her bathroom , her barrenness, and a royal commission, not discounting the burning the bitch by these great keepers of our moral standards.

Yes it’s all politics, but what about ethics, does that get a shirt.?

Like America we are being dumbed down by constant deceit and spin and transparency and truth are the casualties if we choose not to question or challenge.

That was the job of the media but that too failed as it knew of the Banarby deception months ago and sat on it even through a bi election, so is that corrupt or if it was Gillard would they have been so quiet?

Answer NO.

I live in hope that thing called journalistic ethics apply where truthfulness, accuracy,objectively, and impartiality is reborn or maybe I’m just dreaming.

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