Ipswich’s Joke is Coming Down.

Like many watching the day by day shenanigans unfold with our Council one can’t help seeing the comparison of them and the Trump town. Shocking revelations, denials, secret deals, lies, and counter lies all resembling the history of the infamous “Joke” that was part of the culture among the Queensland politicians and public servants in the Bjelke Peterson era.

As it was then and now good people will be tarnished with the guilty but over time the truth will emerge as it did Fitzgerald inquiry .

Ipswich people needs root and branch inquiry to clear the decks and regain confidence as did Queensland and probably as do other councils, but my concern is our employees that know the culture, are probably afraid to come forward without that legal protection or preferred anonymity.

Reinstatement of the status quo will bury that opportunity for the honest or the ones feel unjustly treated to have their time in front of a independent entity to tell their story without bullying or intimidation because with the evidence already revealed that must have occurred by some officials.

And yes to get the record straight the media must take responsibility for its role as well as the Government for not taking Millers voice seriously being ridiculed, and demonised and reputation tarnished, by those elected members now wishing to divorce themselves from those currently under investigation. Her lone voice was was proven right in this case and a apology from both would be a indicative of how seriously they view current situation support a outcome in which Ipswich people can regain confidence and without that full shakedown Investigation occurring no elected official in this era will clear the stigma that started with the red silk pyjamas

Edited on Publishing .. QT.

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