Ratepayers Pay for Strategic Genius’s Failures.

I can only applaud the administrator to cut the losses ipswich ratepayers on the city’s mall but unfortunately it will not repair the damage council caused to the the businesses and long standing trading family’s of our great city when it made the the diabolical decision to build Riverlink.. The total incompetence of that decision thinking stripping patronage from a facility that was already ratepayer funded to appease developers then sell it off to overseas owners who used it as a tax dodge, then proceeded use our funds again repair and renew several time since, all of which failed and costed us possibly billions over time. 

The city’s strategy may have looked good on the drawing board but councillors failed when it come to realising that the although Ipswich population  may have be growing the wages weren’t and by introducing extra competitors the slices get smaller. 

I see Springfield residents are demanding extra attention and funding, may I suggest those residents take a drive around ipswich and long standing neglected ratepayers do not have curbs, channeling, parks, footpaths but are blessed with garbage pickups and maybe sewage full stop. Another council strategic masterpiece. 

The real lesson is we cannot let developers set the agenda as it has in the past administration, as ratepayers are sick of seeing photo shoots of suits in hi vis bibs and silver shovels and I fear with the opening of this Costco thought bubble will be counter active to bringing customers back to support our city centre let alone existing retailers in shopping centres 

Good luck Greg, in sorting out this scramble egg.

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