Our Electorates HiJacked by Big Business

The behaviour of federal government in the past month has disgusted many Australians particularly with the removal of the PM and the treatment of women has done nothing to encourage faith in the way our country’s direction is heading.

Now with the disclosure of how our PM was removed is nothing new as the media barons have boasted they have to power to change governments and again they decided it was time for Turnbull to go and let the dogs out on, and the southern shock jocks and Sky after dark did their thing and the politicians followed their orders accordingly.

Is that the democratic way to run our country or have we come down to letting outside influences who have vested interests to protect decide who is in charge?

Has the electorates voice been hijacked by big business or the real question is have we adopted the attitude of “ I’m all right mate it doesn’t effect me”?

That i suggest is the exact state of mind that allows the rich and powerful to take control of our society.

When our PM’s have to wear name badges when meeting other leaders we have sunk as low as our Wallabies on the world credibility rankings and it’s up to all of us to take back and reset our country’s course back to what matters, helping all Australians up, not trickle down.

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